The best time to plan your Patagonia trip is now! 

Have you ever dreamed of hiking though the most beautiful national park of South America. Lonely planet says it’s in Patagonia. I think I have to agree. Traveling through Patagonia is a once in a lifetime travel experience. If you are looking for adventure, rural area’s, gauchos, glaciers, penguins, mountains, culture, great food & lovely wines, stop looking and start planning your trip to Patagonia.

Patagonia is safe but definitely adventurous

Patagonia is the safest part of South America to travel through. Nevertheless, for me it was definitely one of my most adventurous trips. As hiking for days in a row through national parks the size of my country and being aware that there were Puma’s around did make me feel a bit anxious at times. The wildest wildlife I am used to, are cows and sheep and usually you can see those approaching you from miles away since the Netherlands are as flat as a pancake. The forests, mountains and glaciers of Patagonia are a whole different story. But what are the odds of you being attacked by a predator… Chances your plane crashes are still bigger, so that kind of made my mind be at ease for most of the time. Still want to go? You should, because the incredible nature and breathtaking views are totally worth it.

Why the best time to plan is now!

Patagonia is best to visit in between December until March, as the summer in Argentina takes place during the European winter. You might want to start planning your trip now. Getting your flight tickets, booking some hostels ahead of time and maybe even some bus tickets. Why is that? What about going in the spirit of the moment? Of course, you can do that as well. I did, but I had all the time in the world when I went out there. If you go in the Patagonian high season chances are hostels will be fully booked if you didn’t book ahead and that would be a shame of your well-deserved vacation.

Top 6 most beautiful places to visit in Patagonia

  1. Torres del Paine
  2. El Chaltén
  3. Bariloche
  4. Calafate
  5. Punta Arenas
  6. Ushuaia

Best itinerary for Patagonia trip

  • Flight to Buenos Aires (enjoy the city for a day or two)
  • Flight from Buenos Aires to Bariloche (make hikes for 3 or 4 days)
  • Flight from Bariloche to El Chalten (make hikes for 3 or 4 days)
  • Busride from El Chalten to Calafate (go see the glacier 1 day)
  • Busride (7 hours) from Calafate Argentina to Puerto Natales, Chile (go hiking in Torres del Paine for 4-5 days in a row)
  • Busride (3 hours) from Puerto Natales to Punta Arenas, (go see the King Pinguin Colony on Tierra del Fuego)
  • Busride (12 hours) or flight to Ushuaia (go hiking for 1 or 2 days or if you have the extra money take a boat trip to Antarctica prices start at €10.000,-)
  • From Ushuaia you can fly back to Buenos Aires for your return flight to your home country

How Patagonia changed my life

I know it’s a big statement to make but it’s true. Out of all of my travels Patagonia stayed on top of mind for a long time and it still pops up every once in a while. Mainly because of the healing power of the incredible nature which is a one of a kind and the experience of feeling how small you are when you are literally at the end of the world in the middle of nowhere on your own. I overcame many fears during this trip and it made me so much stronger, conscious and trustful. As I recommend to all my friends to travel at least once in your life on your own. Patagonia could be the ultimate experiment to do so.

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