How to get $35 for free on Airbnb

It is almost impossible not to have heard about airbnb but not so impossible to have not used it. I knew about it for years but I always chose for hostels or couchsurfing. As it was a lot cheaper because I was traveling solo and it was a good way to meet other travelers and locals.

My first Airbnb experience was on Tenerife and it was great. I was traveling solo again and I met a few backpackers in a hostel with whom I travelled together around the island for a few days. At one part of the island there were no hostel options. But, we really wanted to stay there to see the beautiful sunset while enjoying a nice glas of wine.

We ended up renting a really nice vila with a beautifull garden filled with fruits and vegetables we could use to make an amazing home cooked meal. Just to be able to have a kitchen all to yourself after many hostel nights is like a breath of fresh air. What I liked most about this accommodation was the incredible view from the mountains towards the ocean and how quiet it was. Because, I used this discount and shared the accommodation with 2 other backpackers I ended up paying just €17 for sleeping at a beautiful vila which normally costs €87 a night.

If you also heard about Airbnb but you haven’t tried it yet… Than this is your chance to get a really cheap first Airbnb experience.

Get $35 Travel Credit for airbnb

Let me know know about your Airbnb experiences in the comments below, which one is your favorite? Where? And why would you recommend it?

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