How to avoid mass tourism in Aruba

Aruba is one happy island but, it is also one busy island. There is not really a low season due to perfect weather conditions. They do have a middle season as I would like to call it when the beach crowds aren’t too bad, which is from September till December. I was lucky enough to spend the entire fall season on the island, which is also the rain season but, it doesn’t rain every day and when it does rain it is often just for a short period of time and kind of refreshing. So, if you can plan your vacation during fall chances are it will not be extremely busy.

Get away from the resorts and get to know the island

Most resorts are located in and around Palm Beach, they are beautiful and offer anything you want or need. You’ll find a whole variation of great bars, restaurants, spa’s, shops, casino’s, clubs and excursion companies within walking distance from your hotel when you stay in this area. Also, the beach looks lovely with all the beautiful planted palm trees from the resorts behind it. Since a lot of resorts offer an all-inclusive holiday a lot of tourists tend to stay at the resorts during the majority of their vacation. Which is good for the people who want to get away from the tourism because it is also the reason there are less tourists on the other beaches in Aruba. Don’t get me wrong there will still be other tourists everywhere you go but definitely less than you’ll find in the Palm Beach area.

National Park, Aruba

My favorite and easy to reach beaches in Aruba

Tres trapi

This is a small beach with some free umbrella’s. Especially during the morning it’s really nice and not too busy. I like this place because of the beautiful view but most of all because of the amazing scuba diving you can do here. The water is calm on most days and the reef is right in front of the beach. Here you can spot a lot of tropical fish and if you are lucky maybe even a sea turtle. You need to bring along your own food and drinks as there is no bar or restaurant nearby.

Surf Side beach

This is definitely my favorite place to watch a sunset. The many sailing boats in front of the coast make the view even prettier. Try to watch at least one sunset from this beach when you visit Aruba. You won’t regret it! I was lucky enough to take my yoga classes at this beach exactly during sunset. But, you can also just chill here while enjoying a cocktail or having dinner at one of the restaurants. Surf Side Beach bar has cheap prices but Reflexions bar has a free swimming pool, both are good options depending on what you prefer.

Baby Beach

Baby beach is a bit further away from the resorts but so beautiful and a must visit when you are in Aruba. It’s located in a bay with very shallow water where it’s very safe to swim or scuba dive. Chances you’ll spot a sea turtle are pretty large. There are free umbrellas and in case they are all taken you can also rent an umbrella or chair at the restaurant. You could combine this day with a visit to the historical Centre of San Nicolas where you can find amazing wall art. San Nicolas is probably not a place you want to visit during the evening due to safety reasons but during the day you should be fine.

Arashi Beach

I really like this beach because this is where you’ll find some waves but not the really large ones so I think everyone who can swim can deal with them. It’s near to Tres trapi so you could easily combine the two on the same day. Arashi is not really a place where you would go scuba diving but nice for a swim and a drink underneath one of the umbrella’s. Next to Arashi beach you’ll find the light house of Aruba, which is nice to drive up to to check out the view.

Fisherman’s Hut

Do you like Kite Surfing? Or do you like to watch Kite Surfers do their tricks? Then go here. You’ll find several kite surfing schools where you can take lessons or rent equipment but you can also choose to windsurf or sail a small catamaran. This is not a place for swimming though because of all the surfers. From here it is just a short walk to Palm Beach where you can safely get into the water.

The most beautiful beaches in Aruba to enjoy rough ocean views

Rough ocean in Aruba? I bet a lot of tourists in Aruba never see a rough ocean. As the ocean on the side of the island where all the resorts are built is very calm. But, the ocean on the other side is very rough and not always the safest place to go for a swim. The beaches and the ocean views are definitely the most gorgeous ones of the entire island though. The only problem is reaching them. You need a four-wheel drive or a quad to get to them. Some are in the national park but the entrance of the national park is only a few dollars and totally worth to see so don’t let that stop you. You can rent a vehicle or go on an organized excursion. My advice would be to rent a vehicle on your own, this way you have all the freedom to stay as long as you want and to avoid some of the touristic crowds.

Waves National Park, Aruba

Daimari Beach

Daimari Beach is my favorite place to watch the sunrise, partly because there is no one there but most of all because the ocean is extremely rough. The way it smashes on the reef is just spectacular to see especially during the golden light of the early morning. When you get to Daimari Beach take a hike for about 20 minutes on the reef in the direction towards your right side when you are facing the ocean. This is where you will find a dreamy view of a little island in front of the reef. If you like horse riding there is a big ranch near Daimari Beach, where you can go on an organized horseback riding tour, even when you don’t have any riding experience. Check out their website if you are interested in doing this.

Dos Playa

As the name already mentions these are two beautiful beaches where you often will find body boarders or surfers catching some big waves. These beaches are really nice and quiet. Chances you will be the only one or you will be sharing them with just a few people are high because you need to drive through the National Park to reach them. If you want some peace and quiet this is the perfect getaway for the day. Don’t forget to bring your own food and drinks.

Boca Mohaos

This is a beautiful cliff in between the natural bridge and the gold mines. If you are visiting these two places you might as well make a stop here. Most days the ocean is really rough which makes it a great place to chill and to stare at the forces of nature for a while. There is a ladder going down to a natural pool, you need to be a good climber and be very comfortable with heights to climb down though.

Aruba is a place where tourism is growing fast. I have been on the island in 2009 and 2010 when there were less hotels and the prices were a lot cheaper. Coming back in 2018 gave me a totally different view. Mainly because this time I got to stay on the island for a period of 4 months so, I really got to know the local culture. Long story short Aruba did not disappoint me, it’s a beautiful Caribbean getaway where you can still find some beautiful places which are not covered by tourism but you do need to get away from the resorts to find them.

Yoga on the beach sunset, Aruba

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