Hotspots in Tenerife when you like water, hiking, easy going beaches and seafood

Top 3 of my favorite hikes

  1. Anaga mountains, these mountains can be found at the northern part of the island. They are covered with green forest for a reason… It does rain a lot on this side of the island, but mostly just part of the day. It’s definitely worth taking a hike here! Even though it was raining and misty when I was there, it just gave me a real rainforest feeling. And within an hour drive you can be back at the southern part of the island where the sun will be shining again. The climate changes within the short distances on the island are incredible.
  2. El Teide volcano, this is probably the main attraction on the island. It is also the highest point of Spain with 3718 meters. Pretty much impossible to do without seeing other tourists but still a must do. There are many options to go up. One of them is to wake up in the middle of the night and start climbing up the volcano when it’s fully dark outside to reach the top just before sunrise. If you are staying at a hostel you can definitely find other backpackers to come with you. At the hostel I stayed at there was a group going like twice a week. But if you are not very active, you can drive up there and take the elevator or just walk around a bit. For the elevator you need to make a reservation months before and even then because of the winds the elevator can be closed that day.
  3. Masca & Los Gigantes, the Masca valley has some absolutely stunning views of the valley and the ocean. You can hike down the valley in 3 hours to the ocean, where you can go for a swim and get on one of the boats which take you to Acantilado de Los Gigantes while you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Los Gigantes (Giant Cliffs) from the ocean.

5 great activities when you love being on the water

  1. Kite or windsurfing among the pro’s or just watch them do their tricks at El Medano beach. This is where the World Cup for windsurfing is being held each year and for a good reason because it is VERY windy. If you do not have any surfing skills yet or you want to develop them, this is also the place where you can find many surf schools. Although the circumstances might be a bit challenging if you are a beginner.
  2. Diving. I went to a diving school in Los Abrigos but there is also one in Abades. A night dive or ship wreck dive are among the options.
  3. Wave surfing and bodyboarding. I did this on a deserted beach near the hostel. Which was not a great idea because of big lava rocks in the water and on the beach. I did learn a lesson; just because the locals do it doesn’t always mean it’s safe. I already knew this but for some reason I get this lesson over and over again. I might be a bit stubborn… Anyways there are a bunch of beaches around the island where it is safe to surf or body board just ask a local or at the reception of your hostel.
  4. Whale & dolphin watching. The best place to do this is definitely in Los Gigantes because of the gigantic cliffs you will pass along the way, which are truly breathtaking to watch from the water.
  5. If you like waterslides whether you are a kid or not, go to Siam Park. It is definitely worthwhile to buy a VIP pass if you rather spend your time going down the slides than standing in line most of the day.

Top 3 easy going beaches

  1. Playa de Diego Hernandez in La Caleta is a small beach surrounded by cliffs. It has a really nice vibe and probably for that reason attracts a lot of open minded people and hippies. Some of them even live in the caves surrounding this area.
  2. Playa La Maretas. This beach is in front of the really tiny village called La Mareta where you can find one hostel and a small camper place next to the beach. It’s quiet but extremely windy. From here you can take a 15-minute hike along the cliffs to the natural pools.
  3. In the north of the island you can also find many beaches. When the currents are strong and waves high it is nice to chill in the natural pools of Bajamar where you can enjoy the waves smashing over the walls from a safe distance.

My favorite restaurants to visit with good and affordable seafood and scenic views

  1. Restaurante La Caleta. They serve fresh seafood and your table is next to the ocean with a short glass window next to it protecting you from the waves smashing in at high tide which gives you the idea you are having dinner in the ocean instead of next to it.
  2. Another restaurant I really enjoyed is called Maria Restaurante Café. It can be found in the harbor of the village Los Abrigos. You can eat really good yet affordable seafood here while enjoying the view of the little harbor.

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