Backpacking and discovering Tenerife

As my backpack was getting a little dusty in my closet, I decided to pick it up again and take it for a little trip. It was about time! After my one year backpacking trip in South America it had been in that closet for 1,5 years. Of course, I fell in love all over again with backpacking and with my destination Tenerife. Which was a little closer to home this time but nevertheless the backpacking experience was just as great.

I discovered that you don’t have to fly all across the world to enjoy a good and affordable backpacking trip. There are so many beautiful places just around the corner. With airlines like Ryan Air, Transavia etc. you can pretty much fly anywhere within Europe for underneath €100,-. If you are flexible in your travel dates.

Enough beautiful places around the island where you can avoid mass tourism

I chose Tenerife as it has a big diversity in nature on a relatively small island. Even though it is known for its mass tourism, there are still so many beautiful places left around the island where you can avoid that. You can have some quit time or hang out with the locals. In the South, you have the volcanic beaches and giant cliffs. In the north, you have the green mountains and historical city center of San Cristóbal de La Laguna which is on the Unesco world heritage list.

Active versus passive backpacking

I tried to keep a good balance in between active versus passive backpacking. So, I went on several nature hikes in the green and misty Anaga mountains, at the Teide volcano and among the many cliffs along the coast. I did some diving, snorkeling and bodyboarding. While chilling on a boat near the enormous cliffs of Los Gigantes I saw whales and dolphins jumping out of the water. I enjoyed some quit time along the deserted volcanic beaches near El Medano. And I had some hammock and reading time in the non-touristic place Valle Guera. Where I also enjoyed some fish and wine each night at the harbor with some backpacker friends and mostly locals.

Tenerife is definitely one of the cheapest places in Europe to rent a car

If you want to avoid the main touristic places in Tenerife there are enough places you can go. Though it is kind of necessary to have a car to be able to get to these places. But, you can rent a car in Tenerife for less than €10,- a day. If you do not have a driver license there are many backpackers staying in the hostels who rent cars and share rides. If you share a ride with other backpackers you might as well share an Airbnb with them as well. Which I did in Buena Vista where you cannot really find good hostels nearby. You can find more info about that in my article on how to get €35,- for free on Airb&b.

A short impression of backpacking through Tenerife outside the high season

In my upcoming post I will share the best activities if you like hiking or water activities

I will also tell you where to find the easy going non-touristic beaches and share my favorite restaurants to eat good affordable seafood while enjoying scenic views in Tenerife.

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