Hey there fellow traveller or (soon to be) world explorer!

My name is Naomi and I am the girl or better said young woman behind this travel blog. I have been traveling and living abroad since I was a teenager and always loved the adventures that came along with those experiences. Such as, abseiling waterfalls in the Alps, hiking for days in a row in remote rural areas in southern Chile or absorbing other cultures and broadening my perspectives.

I was 14 when I had my first independent holiday abroad experience, which was a summer camp in France, 15 when I did an English course for several weeks in Cambridge and 16 when I left my home in the Netherlands to exchange it for a home in the United States to study at an American High School and live with an American family for one year.

Studying abroad for one year really set off my hunger to explore the world

After my High School exchange had finished my curiosity and hunger to explore more cultures had started. So, I decided to study international business and languages to be able to explore more of the world while combining it with getting my college degree in Marketing. I studied one semester at the university of Seville in Spain and did my internship in Germany, both were great life experiences. After my studies, I got a job in the Netherlands with not a whole lot of international aspects. But, luckily in the Netherlands we get a lot of vacation days. Which made it possible for me to explore many more countries such as Australia, Indonesia, Egypt, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Caribbean, many countries in Europe and more parts of the United States.

In 2015 I quit my job in the Netherlands to backpack for one year through South America where I absorbed lots of culture, build more wonderful international friendships, studied languages and had some great volunteering experiences.

Beautiful places can be explored just around the corner of wherever you live

For now I am based in the Netherlands again and often travel to places closer to home. What I love is that there are so many beautiful places to explore and cultures to investigate just around the corner of wherever you live.

Travelbloggirl is all about my life abroad, travel experiences and inspirations. Through this blog I hope to inspire others to travel solo or with others and get out of their comfort zones and broaden their perspectives.